Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5

Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5: Remove traces of private information left behind on visited computers Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the world`s first privacy protection tool specifically designed for users of portable drives (such as USB drives and portable hard drives), offering a simple, friendly and intuitive way to remove any traces of private information that may have been otherwise left behind on visited computers. It also provides a tool that will help users maintain and clean their own computers at home and in the office.

Backup4all Portable Backup 4.6: Backup4all Portable does full, incremental, differential and mirror backups.
Backup4all Portable Backup 4.6

Portable is a portable backup solution for Windows. Using Backup4all Portable you can easily backup to any local or network drive, backup to FTP (with support for SSL encryption, proxy server, passive mode), backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray, or back up to USB drives. Backup4all Portable can be configured to automatically run a backup job when the USB drive is connected. Think of the time spared as you will have to simply plug-in the USB device to execute

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iTunesMyPortable 1.18

Portable. In our opinion, iTunes® is one of the best music organizers on the market today (and it’s FREE too!). Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t directly support the synchronizing of your music with a Mass Storage Device (MSD). This means that there is no way of synchronizing your portable audio devices (Sony Ericsson Walkman® phones, Sony PlayStation® Portables, portable music players, etc.) with the music you have stored in iTunes. Fortunately

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Calendarscope Portable Edition Stay organized wherever you go with Calendarscope Portable Edition.
Calendarscope Portable Edition

portable flash drive! Plan your day, manage your time, and schedule appointments quickly and easily with Calendarscope Portable Edition. Carry the program and all data with you on a flash memory drive! USB Sticks, U3 smart drives and smart cards are supported. No need to carry a laptop PC on your next trip! Take all plans and schedules with you on a tiny lightweight flash memory drive. Calendarscope Portable Edition does everything that the regular

portable, flash, calendar

Lockngo 2.5: Encrypts and password protect flash drives, portable drives and removable disks
Lockngo 2.5

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Skype Portable Launcher 1.3: Run your Skype from USB flash drive, carry your application, profile, settings
Skype Portable Launcher 1.3

Portable Skype Launcher - the utility for launching Skype from a flash drive. Run your Skype application directly from your portable drive with no need of installation. Carry your profile and settings always with you. Portable Skype Launcher allows automatic copying of Skype application, automatic copying of Skype profile, automatic checking for newer Skype version and more...

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Portable Bookmarks A portable bookmark manager that keeps your web links always at hand.
Portable Bookmarks

Portable Bookmarks guarantees real-time access to your web links in all of the most popular browsers. To keep the program up-to-date, a special edition of Portable Bookmarks was released. It supports the newest U3 USB storage device standard. The program also includes multi-language support enabling you to store bookmarks in almost any language. The creators of Portable Bookmarks did their best to provide the software with a superb collection of

url organizer, url manager, url validator, bookmark converter, bookmark organizer, portable bookmark manager, url checker

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